Sliezsky dom - Popradské Tarn

Hikes from Sliezsky dom, High Tatras

Discover the secret of the Rybie oko!

Popradské Tarn (formerly known as Rybie Tarn or Rybie oko) is a tarn in the Mengusovská Valley before the mouth of Zlomísk below the Ostrva and Kôpok cliffs. It has an area of 6.88 ha, a depth of 17 m and is at an altitude of 1,494.3 m.

About the hike:

Suitable for: intermediate and advanced hikers

Altitude: 405 m

Total hiking time: 4 hrs. 45 min.

Accessibility SUMMER/WINTER: Open during periods without winter clousure (01.06 - 31.10)

No mountain guide is required.

Route plan:

After arriving at Sliezsky dom, head in the direction of Batizovské Tarn. Initially, you climb steeply uphill, but after a few minutes, the terrain levels out, and the hiking trail continues only in an occasional gentle ascent. After about an hour of walking, you reach the Tarn. If you are lucky, you might also meet a few Tatra chamois.

The next part of the hike is the climb up to Sedlo pod Ostrvou, which is quite tricky, full of stones and a steep uphill ascent. After an hour and a half, you reach Sedlo. The last section looks easy, but it is a steep descent on small stones to the mountain hut at Popradské Tarn and requires more attention. After an hour of descent, you can enjoy well-deserved refreshments at the Popradské Pleso Hotel.