team building in Sliezsky Dom, High Tatras

Team building at Sliezsky Dom

Come as colleagues, leave as a team

The best team building is in the countryside, requiring you to concentrate. Don't just run around the meadows; come to the mountains. Learn something really useful - find a colleague in an avalanche (of paperwork), rescue a colleague at the last minute (during a presentation when technology fails) and carry (the company) to safety. All this against the backdrop of beautiful Tatra views. Participating in team building at Sliezsky Dom and the business world will never surprise you again.

Intensive team building in Sliezsky Dom, High Tatras

Intensive and beneficial team building

During our team-building sessions, you'll have fun and eat well, and most importantly, you'll learn many valuable things that can save your skin in the mountains. You will also do what you didn't know was in your power (climb Gerlach).

Why choose Sliezsky Dom?

  1. Sliezsky Dom is the highest hotel in Slovakia, with unique views
  2. The evening programme is tailor-made for our guests
  3. There are comfortable rooms with all the amenities
  4. We provide first-class service and catering
  5. Delicious food from the chef and helpful staff

Instructors team building in Sliezsky Dom, High Tatras

Who will bring you together at a team building in the Tatras?

Let yourself be carried away by the tastes on your plate, freshness and originality. Our professional team will take care of your extraordinary experience. Our top mountain guides from Mountain Pro Guiding are ready. The team-building leader is the experienced mountain guide Miki Knižka and his team of 15 qualified mountain guides. The mountain guides are holders of the UIAGM/IFMGA international mountain guide license.

Topics of Alpine team building in Sliezsky Dom, High Tatras

Topics of Alpine team building

You will seldom experience a team-building programme like ours. Authentic mountain surroundings and professional instructors engage you in various activities that test every aspect of your personality and team.

How to survive: out in the wild and your company

Can you treat a fracture? Can you transport an injured person to safety when all you have is your strength and a piece of rope? Do you know how to survive a night in the mountains, make do in emergencies, or start a fire without matches? After this team building, you will know. Learn in a fun way through games and group activities.

Top rope

Are you a dynamic company? Aren't you afraid to aim high? Experience the adrenaline rush of climbing and abseiling high mountain terrain under the supervision of experienced mountain guides.


Geocaching is an adventurous "treasure hunt" using GPS coordinates. Can you find all the ones we have hidden around Velické Tarn? And can you also find them under the snow?

Gerlach ascent

Do you want to experience the view from the Slovak Everest? Do you want to take a picture with your company flag on the top of Slovakia? Do you want to test your strengths and experience something unique with your colleagues? Come with us to Gerlach. We arrange the whole climb - accommodation, equipment, mountain guide and food for the hike.

We are flexible. Anytime!

The weather changes every five minutes in the mountains, so we can adapt the team building at Sliezsky Dom to the weather and your requirements at any time. Can't go hiking? Fire your bow by the hotel.

In the evening, we'll show you a film about the mountains in Sliezsky Dom - the Club - and you can ask questions about anything you're interested in.

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