Sliezsky dom - Hrebienok

Hikes from Sliezsky dom, High Tatras

Hike to Hrebienok with us

Hrebienok is a hiking resort located above Starý Smokovec at the foot of Slavkovský Peak at an altitude of 1,285 m. At present, Hrebienok serves as an important ski and hiking resort. It is the starting point to the Mala Studená Valley and Veľká Studená Valley, as well as to the Slavkovský Peak.

About the hike:

Suitable for: beginners as well as advanced hikers

Elevation: up: 385 m

Total hiking time: 3 h 20 min.

Accessibility SUMMER/WINTER: open during periods without continuous snow cover

No mountain guide is required

Route plan:

Hrebienok (1285 m) - Sliezsky Dom (1670 m, 2 h). Back the same way (1 hr. 15 min.), total time 3 hrs. 20 min.

From Sliezsky Dom, we descend to Velické Tarn and go through a small meadow. We continue on a flat section; on one rocky section, the path is quite narrow (dangerous in case of icy conditions!). The trail starts to climb slightly, traversing Senna kopa. We go around the terrain elevation and, on the right side, go around the Slavkovské Tarn hidden in the dwarf pines. A forest eventually replaces the dwarf pines. We descend steeply to the crossroads at Magistrala, then the descent is gentler, and we continue to Hrebienok.

Hike from Hrebienok to Sliezsky Dom

From Hrebienok, we set off along the red hiking trails, which are visible from the beginning of the hike. The hiking trail is uphill most of the time, but the climb is manageable thanks to the forest road and stones. After an hour's hike through the forest, the forest slowly merges once again with the dwarf pines, and we have a fantastic view of the town of Poprad and the adjacent towns and villages. At the same time, as we enter the dwarf pines, we get a view of Sliezsky Dom and the destination of our journey. The final stage of the hike stretches under the peaks on rocks and requires sturdy hiking boots. After about two hours, we reach the destination of our hike - the Sliezsky Dom Mountain Hotel.


  • A packed lunch (against hunger and thirst)
  • Hiking poles (a great accessory to save your joints and knees)
  • Tourist map ( you won't get lost with it and will get to know all the interesting places in the area)
  • Binoculars (so you don't miss chamois, marmot, lynx or bear).