Hiking route closures

Hiking route closures, High Tatras

It should be remembered that the Tatra countryside is unique and must be protected. Hiking routes in the high mountains are closed in winter to protect the fauna (marmots and chamois) and flora (dwarf pines and forest vegetation).





Which routes are inaccessible during the winter closure:

  • Bielovodská Valley from the Biela voda meadow (blue)
  • Javorová Valley from the crossroads below Murán (green)
  • Zadné Meďodoly from the gamekeeper's lodge below Murán (blue)
  • Monková Valley - Široké Saddle - Kopské Saddle - (green) nature trail
  • Kopské Saddle from Biele Tarn (blue)
  • Jahňací Peak from Zelené Tarn (yellow)
  • Veľká Svišt'ovka from Zelené Tarn (red)
  • Veľká Svišt'ovka from Huncovská lookout (red)
  • Malá Studená Valley from Téryho mountain hut (green) and (yellow)
  • Veľká Studená Valley from Zbojnícka mountain hut (blue) and (yellow)
  • Slavkovský Peak from Slavkovská lookout in the time of snow cover (blue)
  • Velická Valley from Velické Tarn (green)
  • Rysy from the crossroads above Žabí Brook (red)
  • Mengusovská Valley from the crossroads above Žabí Brook (blue)
  • Sliezsky Dom - Popradské Tarn  (red)
  • Mlynická Valley from the Skok waterfall (yellow)
  • Furkotská Valley from the crossroads on the Tatra Magistrala (yellow)
  • Furkotská Valley from the mountain hut below Solisko (blue)
  • Kriváň from the crossroads at Jamské Tarn (blue)
  • Kriváň from the Tri Studničky gamekeeper's lodge (green)
  • Kôprová Valley from Kmetový waterfall (blue)
  • Tichá Valley from the Tábor mountain hut (yellow)
  • Kamenistá Valley from the shepherd's hut to Pyšné Saddle (blue)
  • Bystrá Valley from the clearing below Kotlova to Bystrá (yellow)
  • Račková Valley from the site of Prostredné to Račková Saddle - (yellow), Gáborovo Saddle - (green) and Bystrá Saddle (blue)
  • from the mouth of the Jamnická Valley in the direction of Otrhance - (green) and the Jamnické Saddle (blue)
  • from Klinovaté to Baranec - (green)
  • the mouth of the Žiarská Valley from the upper tree line in the direction of Baranec (yellow)
  • Žiarska Valley from Žiarska mountain hut to Žiarska Saddle - (green) to Smutná Saddle - (blue) and Jalovecké Saddle (green)
  • Jalovecká Valley from the junction to Salatín - (green) and to Baníkovské Saddle (blue)
  • The main ridge of the Western Tatras from the Hutianské Saddle Pálenica to Pyšné Saddle (red)
  • Smutná Valley from Ťatliakové Tarn to Smutná Saddle (blue) - and to Zábra Saddle (green)
  • Spálený Trough from the mouth of the ski slope to Brestova (blue)
  • Spálená Valley from the junction of the trails above the waterfall in the direction of Roháčské Tarns (blue) - and to Baníkovské Saddle (yellow)
  • Látaná Valley from the junction of paths to Lúčná (green) - and Zábrať Saddle (yellow)
  • Bobrovecká Valley from the crossroads below Umrlá (blue) to Bobrovecká Saddle (green) and Príslop Saddle (green) from the mouth of Juráňová Valley to Hrubý Hill and Bobrovecká Saddle (red)
  • Symbolic cemetery below Ostrva - (yellow) from both directions (from 1 January to 15 June)