Ski mountaineering tours

Ski mountaineering tours, High Tatras

Sliezsky Dom is an ideal starting point for ski mountaineering tours of varying difficulty. Our certified mountain guides are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of weather, terrain, and mountain safety. They can adapt the tour's difficulty to the person's ability and the current conditions.

Remember that some routes can only be completed when accompanied by a mountain guide. We will be happy to arrange one for you!

Among the suitable terrains for ski mountaineering tours in the vicinity of Sliezsky Dom, we recommend:

1. Východná Vysoká

If you have been to Sliezsky Dom in the summer, you certainly could not miss the climb to Východná Vysoká. But what about in winter? If you are an experienced skier, you can enjoy the ascent and descent of this famous Tatra peak on skis accompanied by a mountain guide.

2. Litvorové Saddle - Litvorový Peak

Ski around the Gerlach Massif and enjoy a long powder descent from the Litvor saddle. The ski trip can be combined with a short and easy climb to Litvorový Peak (2,423 m).

3. Gerlach Basin

Skiing on the southern slopes of the highest peak of the Tatras is an unforgettable experience. We recommend this trip, especially in the spring months when the Gerlach Basin is bathed in sunlight and offers a tremendous corporate skiing experience.

4. Slavkovská Valley

Are you a beginner ski mountaineer, and would you rather try something easy? Slavkovská Valley is a great place. A mountain guide will explain the basics of proper freeriding technique and safety in the mountains during this easy hike.

5. Slavkovský Peak

Have you already done many downhill runs on open terrain, and are you in great shape? Then, we can recommend one of the most challenging tours in the surroundings of Sliezsky Dom. Descending the Slavkovský Peak from a height of 2,432 m will remain one of your lifetime experiences.

6. Medvedie Saddle

A shorter but nice tour, also suitable for beginner ski mountaineers, is the Medvedie Saddle. It is easily accessible from Sliezsky Dom and offers easy terrain to improve your freeride skiing skills.