Sliezsky dom - Poľský Ridge

Hikes from Sliezsky dom, High Tatras

Experience the beauty of the Tatras from the Poľský Ridge.

The Poľský Ridge is an important saddle on the main ridge of the High Tatras. It is crossed by a green-marked hiking trail from Tatranská Polianka to Lysá Polana. Come to Sliezsky dom and hike up to Poľský Ridge.

About the hike:

Suitable for: advanced hikers

Altitude: up 1,230 m, down 1,195 m

Total hiking time: 3 hrs. 40 min.

Accessibility SUMMER / WINTER: open during periods without winter clousure ( 01.06 - 31.10. )

No mountain guide is required.

Route plan:

Sliezsky Dom (1,670 m) - Poľský Ridge (2,200 m, 2 hrs.) - crossroads below Poľský Ridge (15 min.), back the same way (1 hr. 25 min.).

From Sliezsky dom, we continue along the eastern bank of Velické Tarn, from the tarn to the right along the scree slope with switchbacks up and under the overhanging with ever-wet rocks called the Večný dážď. The stony path climbs steeply above the rocks to the middle part of the Velická Valley called Kvetenica.

To the right is an impressive view of the mighty Granátové Wall, and to the left, the huge massif of the Gerlach Peak. The next section of the trail leads through the grassy valley floor and climbs gently around the Guľatý Hill to Dlhé Tarn. To the left, Krčmárov Trough - one of the longest Tatra troughs - stretches above the Tarn. The path climbs gently up in short switchbacks to the end of the valley to the rubble pit and the wall of the Východná Vysoká rock footbridge to the saddle of the Poľský Ridge. From the saddle, you descend steeply, first down a scree slope, then directly through a couloir to a crossroads below the Poľský Ridge. The return is the same way.