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Guided ascents to Mt. Gerlach

Why climb Gerlach? 
Facts about Gerlachu
Surprise on the summit
Who will take you to climb Gerlach?
When to set off on a trip to Gerlach?
Ascent routes to Gerlach
How long does it take to ascend Gerlach?
Fitness and technique
Number of persons ascending Gerlach
Ascent with children
Ascent equipment

Comfortable access
Full equipment and accessories for ascent
Food for the trip
Comfort after ascent
Dinner after ascent

Mountain guides Gallery of summit photos

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why climb GERLACH?

Výstup na gerlach s deťmi
You have stood on Kriváň already and you run up the Rysy like a mountain goat. But Gerlach, oh, that's something else entirely!

Why is Gerlach so attractive for people?

  • Seeing the whole country from its highest point is unforgettable
  • They simply want to achieve such a thing
  • They want to get better at climbing
  • They wish to show the beauty of the Tatras to their friends
  • Some are itching for a picture like this on a wall
  • And sometimes they also want to pop the question ...

Do you recognize yourself in these or do you have another reason for climbing? Let us know! See our guest book full of reasons given by others.


what kind of a mountain is GERLACH?


If you mean to climb Gerlach, it'll be nice to know a curiosity or two about it, wouldn't it? So here you are: It's not only the highest peak of the Tatras, it's the highest peak of the whole Carpathians. It towers over the country for quite some time now. The core of the Tatras originates in paleozoic era, some 210 millions of years ago, when the whole of Slovakia was still under the sea.


why is GERLACH called GERLACH?

Its official name is Gerlachovský peak (Gerlachovský štít) and the reason is very prosaic. It belonged to the district of the village Gerlachov (located between Batizovce and Tatranská Polianka). Gradually, it has received other names when:
  • we have lent it to our rulers (Franz Joseph peak/štít Františka Jozefa
  • we expressed our independence during the first Slovak state (Slovak peak/Slovenský štít)
  • we mobilized during the war (Peak of Legionaries/Štít Legionárov)
  • we wanted to appeal to the regime (Stalin's peak/Stalinov štít

But unofficially, it has always been called Gerlach or Gerlachovka, so we have returned to that name. Otherwise, who knows what it would be called today?


how high is GERLACH?

Besides its name, Gerlachovský peak has changed its height, too:
  • That it is the highest peak of the Tatras was discovered in 1838, when Ľudovít Greiner, a forester from Jelšava, used trigonometric measurements and measured Gerlach at 2641 meters.
  • According to the Adriatic system (where the height above sea level was measured from the sea level in the Italian city of Trieste) it was 2633 meters high.
  • When we switched to the Baltic system, Gerlach rose to 2654,3 meters.
  • Another ten centimeters have been added after the latest satellite measurements, so now it's officcially 2654,4 meters high.

Also, you do not have to climb the whole height when ascending. The difference in elevation is only around 1100 m,  because your ascent starts from our hotel Sliezsky Dom (1670 MASL).


first people on the summit

  • The first man on the summit was probably Ján Still, a teacher and mountain guide from Nová Lesná in 1834. He took part in this trip together with his brother-in-law Gellhof, a miller Martin Urban Spitzkopf and two unknown chamois hunters.
  • The first female expedition to reach the top took place on July 28th 1877 by Viennese tourists Paulina Knerr and Josephine Fillunger.
  • First ascent through the Velická Step (Velická próba) took place in 1874, and was led by a famous Caucasus and Himalaya mountaineer Mór Déchy.
  • First Slovak ascent through the Batizovská Step (Batizovská próba) was recorded in 1875, successfully attempted by two mountain guides from Štôla, Ján Ruman–Driečny jr. and Ján Pasterňák. 
  • First winter ascents: The first attempt took place as early as 1902, but the first complete ascent was achieved by Janusz Chmielowski's international team on January 15th 1905 through the Krčmárov Gully (Krčmárov žľab).


surprise on the summit

When you reach your long-desired goal and stand on the summit of Gerlach, this will be waiting for you:
  • An iron cross
  • The ascent book
  • A beautiful view of the whole country (if the weather is good)
  • A unique experience. Do not forget to take a picture and send it to us! We will be happy to publish it in our summit gallery.
  • The way back. Full of the beauty of the heights, you still have to go back in good time, in order to arrive safely and before darkness.


who will take you to climb GERLACH?

horsky vodca vystup na gerlach A mountain guide, of course.

Gerlach peak is not open for hikers without guides. No marked trail leads to the summit and a classical ascent is (due to safety reasons) possible only with a certified UIAGM mountain guide (What is UIAGM?). 

We will assure that your mountain guide will take good care of you. He is able to evaluate the current situation of your tour and the possible risks – and not only in the mountains. He can eliminate most of the risks you can come across when ascending Gerlach Peak. He knows how to encourage you, he can cope with your technique, your endurance – and your head, too. 

Our mountain guides from Mountain Pro Guiding have the highest possible education and long-term experience from expeditions to peaks in Slovakia and abroad. They have become guides to share their love for the mountains with you. Some of them do not talk too much, some will tell you a story about every bigger boulder in the Tatras - but they will always keep you safe. If you want to try something more courageous or adventurous they will definitely help you with that. Take your foreign friends to Gerlach also – our guides speak English. They will ensure that your ascent becomes an experience you will never forget. 

Besides guiding to our most majestic mountain, our guides come on a regular basis to our Mountain Guides Club to tell you about their experiences. Experience extreme rescue actions as well as the most beautiful sights from summits and peaks. Listen to funny stories and learn information that can save your life in the mountains. Find out what can happen to a mountain guide in the Tatras.


when to set off on a trip to gerlach

Summer as well as winter ascents of Gerlach are possible with a mountain guide.

Summer ascents: Summer ascents begin when the winter leaves the Tatras. Usually, that's a period between June and September. Sometimes there may be good conditions until October. 

Winter ascents: Winter ascents are technically much more demanding - but seeing that white beauty is worth it!

Date of ascent: You can choose your date of ascent according to your wishes, but the in the Tatras the weather comes first. In order to have a successful ascent, suitable conditions and good weather play a crucial role. Our mountain guides observe them with an eagle´s eye and we will help you plan your ascent in such a way that the conditions are as good as possible.

Bad weather? We offer you a free-of-charge accommodation rebooking - and you can rebook 3 times!


Ascent routes to GERLACH

You can take several routes of various difficulty to reach the summit of Gerlach peak. There are four major ascent routes:

1. Velická step (also called normal or common route)

The Common route is the most popular route thanks to its relative ease (difficulty I-II). It leads from our hotel Sliezsky dom to Kvetnica, then you will pass an exposed section – the so-called Velická Step to the Saddle above the amphitheatre where you can see the summit for the first time during your trip. Afterwards, your ascent continues with a traverse of pillars on the side of Batizovská Valley up to the top. You descend through Batizovský Gully to Batizovská Valley, from that point you will take the main trail – red mark – and that will get you back to our hotel Sliezsky dom.

2. Batizovská step

This is an easier ascent (difficulty I) and we recommend it mainly in the summer-winter transition period. At that time the normal route over the Velická Step is technically demanding, so you both ascend and descend through the Batizovská Step. When the conditions are good this is route is not used.

3. Tatarka's step – over the rear Gerlach

A beautiful route with a difficulty of II-III. You will follow the trail in Velická valley and leave it near Dlhé pleso (Long tarn). Then there is the Tatatarka´s Step – your ascent will be secured with chains and artificial equipment. You will walk on the right side of Tetmaier´s Gully, head to Gerlachovské Saddle and reach the Rear Gerlach. From Rear Gerlach you will take an exposed ridge across Gerlachovské Saddle to the summit of Gerlach. The usual descent is over the Batizovská Step. 

4. Martin's route (Martinka)

Martinka is a climbing route with a difficulty of II-III. You will take the marked trail in Velická Valley to Dlhé pleso (Long tarn). Then pass the ridge to Litvor´s Saddle. Then take the ridge across Lučivnianske Towers, Litvor´s Towers, Lavínová Tower, Lavinový Peak and Rear Gerlach. Afterwards the route continues like Tatarka´s Step.

If you are more experienced or want to have more climbing fun, our mountain guides can take you to the summit using other routes - Gipsy´s ferrata for instance.


how long does it take to ascend GERLACH?

The ascent to Gerlachovský Peak is an all-day trip. The trip from the starting point at Sliezsky dom takes about 8 – 10 hours and depends on the route you (or your guide) will choose, on the weather and your fitness. The ascent starts early in the morning (spring and autumn at 6:00, summer at 5:00).

Why so early? First, to be able to get back before darkness. Second, to avoid bad weather – it happens that there is nice weather in the morning, but clouds gather around Gerlach at midday and you can forget any views. Sometimes you cannot avoid bad weather altogether, but such is the nature of mountains. You can warm up at our hotel after your ascent.


fitness and technique

A trip with a mountain guide is usually a bit more difficult than a hike on usual marked trails. But the ascent to Gerlach is no problem for hikers with average experience. Who is a hiker with average experience?  If you can master a trip to Priečne Saddle, Jahňací Peak, Rysy, Kriváň or Slavkovský Peak within the times given on the signs (or in maps) then you should be prepared for a trip with a mountain guide. All you do not know that is necessary will be explained and shown to you by your mountain guide. 

If you're not sure whether your fitness and technique are enough for the trip, our mountain guides will advise you. Nevertheless, always inform your mountain guide about your health and fitness - it is compulsory.

Our trip to Gerlach also includes an insurance for mountain rescue services.


number of persons ascending gerlach with one guide

The number of people which can be lead by one mountain guide on a short rope is defined by the Technical Committee of NAHV SR. The usual numbers are:
  • summer - maximum 3 persons,  in case of more difficult routes (e.g. Martinka) 2 persons
  • winter - maximum 2 persons

Always inform yourself about the number of people to be guided. Things may change.


ascent with children

Yes! A child over 7 can take part in a trip with a mountain guide (which means a trip to Gerlach too) but there are some rules for it:
  • There can be only one child under 15 within one group (2, max. 3 participants). 
  • The child should be in good shape. If you have done trips like Téryho chata, Zbojnícka chata etc. already within the time given in maps or on trail signs then the child is ready.
  • It is not bad to take the child to an easier trip first, for example to Lomnický Peak from Lomnické Saddle. The elevation is only 400 meters but there are some climbing sections there, too.
  • The best time for ascents with children is summer – from the end of June to the end of September, when there are ideal conditions without snow.
  • Your child should have all the equipment necessary for a trip with a mountain guide.

So, if you have a young chamois at home that outruns you easily, do not worry and take them from Sliezsky dom to Gerlach. It is going to be an experience for the rest of their life!


equipment for summer ascent

What you need in summer:
  • hiking boots with stiff soles
  • waterproof gore-tex wear or wear made of another waterproof material (jacket, trousers), raincoat
  • a middle layer, made of softshell, if possible
  • warm clothes, warm socks
  • second set of thermo wear, packed in a waterproof container
  • thin gloves and cap (yep, in summer too – see picture "Podnebie" - Climate)
  • enough fluids, thermos bottle
  • food and some sugar for energy
  • sun glasses
  • sun cream
  • cheerful mood
  • and a 30-35 liter backpack to put all of that in!

Our mountain guides also recommend:

  • Headlamp
  • Head scarf or baseball cap
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Camera

  • Biking gloves

Technical equipment provided by us and your mountain guide:

  • a climbing harness
  • helmet
  • locking carabiner

Finally, you can borrow a selfie stick from our guides to take perfect pictures on the summit!


equipment for winter ascent

The necessary equipment for winter ascents:
  • Winter hiking boots with stiff soles
  • Leggins or longjohns
  • Backpack (30–35 l)
  • Winter apparel – 2 x termo underwear, waterproof gore-tex wear (jacket, trousers), pullover, duck down vest or jacket, 2x cap, 2x gloves, warm socks
  • A bottle for fluids - a thermos is best
  • Headlamp
  • Sunglasses
  • Snow goggles

Recommended equipment:

  • Personal first aid kit
  • Sun cream
  • Second pair of shoe

Technical equipment provided by us and by your mountain guide:

  • Ice axe
  • Crampons
  • Helmet
  • Climbing harness
  • Locking carabiner
  • Avalanche gear (avalanche detector + second set of batteries, probe, shovel). These items are not included in the price of the ascent.



  • UIAGM-IVBV-IFGMA is an international association organizing mountain guides all over the globe
  • NAHV SR - National Mountain Guide Association of the Slovak Republic organizing Slovak mountain guides
  • Ferrata - Secured route (its name originates from the Italian name Via Ferrata – iron route, often called Klettersteig, too) is a route in difficult mountain terrain equipped with fixed ropes, iron foot-steps and other artificial safety gear. The aim is to increase safety of climbers and to make the area accessible also for persons having no experience in difficult mountaineering ascents.
  • Step (Próba) - an exposed section, sometimes almost vertical
  • Difficulty - according to the UIAA classification for free climbing::

I - easy climbing - the easiest form of rock climbing, but it's not walking terrain anymore. You need your hands to keep your balance.

II - slightly difficult - the beginning of climbing, three point balance technique is required.

III - medium difficulty - belaying recommended in exposed sections. Trained and experienced climbers may overcome sections of this grade without using a rope.

Want to know more? Visit our event “Evening with the Mountain Guides” at our hotel - info here.



comfortable access

Our hotel Sliezsky dom is an ideal starting point for trips to Gerlach. It is situated south-east of Gerlachovský Peak and most climbers start from here.

You can leave your car at the car park in Tatranská Polianka and we'll give you a ride to us. That way you don't have to worry about where to leave your car and avoid trespassing on places the national park authorities care for.

full ascent equipment and accessories
  • We can book an experienced mountain guide for you together with a date of your ascent.
  • We will lend you full equipment necessary for a safe ascent to the summit.
food for the trip

You don't have to pack canned meat two days before your ascent – we will take care of your hungry stomachs!

More about our half board with a lunch package: here >

comfort after the ascent
  • If you get drenched, guess where you can warm up the quickest with a cup of hot tea with rum?
  • On whose terrific terrace can you sit and relax after your great climb?
  • Where is there a warm dinner, hot shower and sauna waiting for you?

Here of course, at our hotel Sliezsky dom!

dinner after the ascent

After your Gerlach ascent we won´t let you go hungry! A good dinner from our menu is included in your accommodation!

Find more at: http://www.sliezskydom.sk/gastronomia/restauracia

wellness.png WELLNESS

On your way back from Gerlach you can get drenched. And you can be freezing, too! Is there anything better than warming up here in our sauna and relaxing with a view of a mountain you have just climbed?

Find more at: http://www.sliezskydom.sk/wellness/


For your unforgettable ascent to Gerlach you absolutely deserve a good meal. Regain your strength with typical dishes from the Tatra region prepared in a non-traditional way!

Find more at: http://www.sliezskydom.sk/gastronomia/restauracia


For your ascent, you will leave at 5 o´clock in the morning. If you have an accommodation in the valley, you must get up at 3 o´clock already. Come to us, sleep longer and we will prepare you for 5 o´clock! Enjoy your ascent with pleasure and no fatigue!

Find more at: http://www.sliezskydom.sk/hotel-a-ubytovanie/



mountain guides

Get to know and choose your mountain guide! We will be pleased to book him for you.

Mountain Guide Miki Knižka

Many thanks again to Miki for a great experience from Gerlach, for the feeling of safety due to his support and advice in difficult places where we weren't all that sure of ourselves… Thank you for the cheerful attitude you brought to our trip, too. We wish you all the best and we're looking forward to our next ascent! P.S.: We're sending our sumit photo, although we would like to send a picture of the most difficult part of the descent, where we're all smiling - thanks to Miki.

Eva, Matúš a Jakub

Mountain Guide Eduard "Kuro" Lipták

I was very satisfied, Kuro is a superb person and a great professional, it has been an unforgettable experience for me, I am looking forward to our future cooperation and sending a picture from the summit..


Mountain Guide Ivan Žila

I want to thank you very much for your patience and peace. Thanks for your pleasant company. In you, I have met a person I have not been afraid to entrust my life to. It was really a great day for all of us. Thanks.

Eva Chromá, Plzeň

Mountain Guide Tibor Hromádka

Thanks to TIBOR HROMÁDKA who was on the Gerlachovský Peak with us today. A fantastic person, stouthearted and extremely patient. From the very first moment we trusted him totally. Many thanks again ...


Mountain Guide Igor "Trgi" Trgiňa

"A great experience for sure, we had good weather so it has been a great trip. As for our guide Igor, I do praise him and we are all sending many greetings to him … A great guide! He has been talking to us all the time, showing us various things, so 100 % satisfaction… Thanks again and we will surely call upon you again."


Mountain Guide Ján Peťo


– Caucasus (Ushba 4888 m.n.m., Elbrus 5628 m.n.m, Jantugan 3988 m.n.m.)
– Western Tian Shan, Ugam range (Kyzyl Bash 4284 MASL, Drushba 4148 MASL- first ascents)
– Alps (Piz Palu central pillar, Mt.Blanc across the Brenva Spur, Grossglockner Pallavicini Gully etc.)
– Central Tian Shan (Chan Tengri 7010 m.n.m.)
– more than 400 difficult ascents in the High Tatras

Mountain Guide Milan Packo

"First, there were stars – my life line for the first 20 years – so strong that I graduated in astronomy at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Then, climbing and mountains came and all the other things were gone, including astronomy. Until my family happened – my wife Erika, my daughter Natalka and my son Matúš. I am an UIAGM mountain guide since 2000 till today and hope I will be a guide for a long time yet :)"

Mountain Guide Palo Packo

"I come from the region of Horehronie, born on June 4th 1970. I have been roaming in mountains since I've been 14 years old. I have an international mountain guide license since 2008. My greatest passion is rock climbing. I have already climbed more than thirty 8a (9+/10-) grade routes. I have completed about 300 winter and summer ascents in Slovakia, Europe and South America."


gallery of summit photos

Did you take your picture on the summit?

Did you manage to take a pic of a chamois?

Proudly boast to everybody and send us your photos to:


We'll be honored to publish it!




Package description

Ascent to Gerlach, accommodation, food a wellness

In this package, you'll get:

  • Ascent to Gerlach guided by a certified mountain guide
  • Accommodation in a tourist room or a comfortably furnished twin-bed room or in an apartment
  • Breakfast buffet or served breakfast
  • Dinner buffet or 3 course menu
  • Entry in to the wellness center for 1 hour/day – dry sauna, wet sauna, Jacuzzi and relax room with a unique view of Gerlach and Velické tarn
  • Wireless internet acces
  • Transport from Tatranská Polianka to our hotel on the day of arrival and transport from the hotel to Tatranská Polianka on the day of departure
  • Parking at the main car park in Tatranská Polianka

Benefits and what you should know:

  • Ascent to Gerlach guided by a certified mountain guide
  • Hiker´s lunch package with drinks (1x for each person)
  • We're lending full mountaineering equipment: harness, helmet, carabiner and in winter also crampons and ice axe
  • You get Mountain rescue insurance (HZS), (To get the insurance, provide us with the name and surname, date of birth and permanent address of each participant)
  • PLEASE NOTICE: One mountain guide can lead max 3 persons in summer and max 2 persons in winter.

How satisfied were other guest with their stay at our hotel? See some posts from our guestbook here >


package price

Ascent to Gerlach, accommodation, food and wellness from 295

Book your stay right now!

tel: +421-911-882 879    e-mail: gerlach@sliezskydom.sk

The final price depends on the number of people, type of room, date of stay and occupancy of the hotel.

We will be pleased to send you a price offer after receiving your advance order.


We will be pleased to re-calculate the price for your child also.

Prices are subject to alteration.

This offer is valid from 15.6. to 31.10.2017. 

The price does not include a local accommodation tax of 1,- EUR / person / night.

All prices including VAT.




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